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    The square tube frame allows even the biggest dogs to roll up against it without fear that the structure will collapse. The panels are tall enough that there is no concern about your large dogs jumping over them and escaping. The uniquely designed barn door system allows pet owners easy access without allowing your pets to escape through the same door.

    The play-pen is also great for allowing a mother dog to take a break from her puppies, leaving them to play or sleep for a while without her. Neither you nor the dog mum need worry about the puppies being left alone in the secure structure that features an enclosed bottom gate. Puppies can get some fresh air outdoors without having to be attended to every minute.

    The play-pen offers great flexibility to meet your individual needs. It can be configured in a square, rectangular or circular formation. It can be set up indoors as well as outdoors. The play-pen can be used to keep puppies confined in a chosen area indoors, rather than allowing them to create chaos throughout the whole house.

    The play-pen may also be useful you need to confine an injured pet, in order to prevent further any injury.

    The play-pen has a tools-free construction and the ten separate panels can be used to suit your particular design and size requirements. The play-pen system is convenient and mobile. It collapses to a flat pack that makes travel with your pets effortless and convenient. Its sleek design allows for easy storage when not in use.


    • Structure configuration options
    • Non-marking end caps to prevent scuffing of inside floors
    • Square metal tube frame
    • Sleek design for convenience and easy storage
    • Easy assembly - no tools required
    • Unique barn door gate system - provides greater versatility
    • The step prevents animals from running out while you enter
    • Each panel is 80 cm high and 80 cm wide

    Package Content

    1 x 10 x 800 Tall Panel Pet Exercise Pen Enclosure

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