About Us

Hi there,

My name is James and I love all animals, especially Fur Kids.

I'm on a mission to provide high quality pet products at affordable prices, so your Royal Fur Kid gets maximum enjoyment, and of course you do too!

In my spare time I enjoy walking Fur Kids in my neighbourhood after school. I've discovered each Fur Kid has an engaging nature and is always happy to see me. It's my goal to provide your Fur Kid with the best of the best.

I travelled overseas (using money that I saved from dog walking) in search of quality dog and cat products.

I am elated to be able to bring you this carefully chosen selection of the best products that I encountered.

I am keen to be as environmentally friendly as possible and reduce the amount of waste in our environment. I made a special request to each manufacturer to reduce packaging as much as possible.

I live with my family in sunny Queensland, Australia.

My family and I are looking forward to providing your Royal Fur Kid with the best I can offer.