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    Smart Yet Simple Design

    This fabulous dog ball has eight grooves, each with two rows to securely hold their treats in. Just push a few of your dog's favourite treats into each groove and the clever design will hold them securely in place.

    Great for Exercise and Mental Simulation

    Dogs are happiest when they get plenty of physical exercise, and some mental exercise too. This is an ideal throwing ball for your dog to chase and fetch. You can also thread a rope through the centre, to play tug-of-war.

    When those games are over, simply load the ball up with treats and give it your dog for a challenge of a different kind. Your dog will have hours of fun chewing on the ball and rolling it around, while figuring out how to get all the treats out!

    Strong, Flexible and Non-Toxic

    This ball is made from a safe and non-toxic material. It is strong enough not to be ripped apart, yet still flexible enough that it won't hurt your dog's mouth.

    Choose the best size for your dog using the size guide, below. Available in blue or green.

    All the products on our web site are here in Australia, ready for shipping. (Note: Treats not included.)

    Size Guide

    Size Diameter (cm) Suits
    Small 5 Small dog
    Large 7 Medium to large dog

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